The Beats 1-2

Beat 1 The Ghillie's Pool looking out to Loch Snizort


The eight miles of Three Esses water finishes at the estuary of Loch Snizort and beat 1 runs up past the hatchery for another 1/4 of a mile. When the water in the river is low and the fish are holding this beat holds good quantities of Salmon and Sea Trout. Getting the Salmon up from the bottom is another matter.

The Tail of the Ghillie's Pool at Sunset



The tail of the pool is the first opportunity to get into the shoaling Sea Trout. Salmon also lie here before taking the first rapids at the head of first section of the pool.

The Middle of Beat 1



The lowest half mile of the river was excavated ten years ago when several weirs, or caroys, were erected. The resulting pools hold the fish well when the spate drops.

Beat 2 The Post Office Pool

This beat is good just after a spate when the fish take a breather before taking on the first low falls which then lead them onto the beats on The Flats.


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